Published On: Thu, Jul 12th, 2012

Vice President Job Biden Responds to Romney’s NAACP Remarks

Houston, TX – Vice President Joe Biden gave the keynote address at the NAACP convention, a day after presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney spoke there.

Biden said President Barack Obama has put the country first since he took office.  Obama has “stepped up and rescued the automobile industry” and saved the nation’s financial system and prevented a worldwide depression.

Biden went on to say Obama saved a million jobs and creating 200,000 new jobs in the automobile industry. “General Motors now leads the world again and Chrysler is the fastest growing company in America,” Biden went on.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney told Fox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto in an interview Wednesday that he expected the negative response that he received from the crowd at the NAACP convention.

The crowds booed him at the event when he said Obamacare is killing jobs.

“I think we expected that,” he told Fox News.

“I am going to give the same message to the NAACP that I give across the country which is that Obamacare is killing jobs, and if jobs is the priority, we are going to have to replace it with something that actually holds down healthcare costs, as opposed to something that causes more spending for the government and more spending for American families.”

The crowd booed Romney to such an extent that he had to stop his speech.

“You know, there was a survey of the Chamber of Commerce,” he continued after the boos stopped, reported Huffington Post Wednesday. “They carried out a survey of their members, about 1,500 surveyed, and uh, they asked them what effect Obamacare would have on their plans, and three-quarters of them said it made them less likely to hire people.”

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