Published On: Thu, Jul 5th, 2012

Drunk Russian Professor Forces Students to Sit 23 Hour Exam

A drunken Russian lecturer decided to subject her students to a 23-hour-long exam without restroom breaks, while she continuously took breaks to refill her alcoholic beverage.

Landysh Zaripova, a Physics lecturer at Kazan State University, reeked of alcohol according to students who sat through the exhausting 23-hour-long exam.

‘The lecturer would go into another room, drink, come back and start telling us about her business,’ said one student, reported the Daily Mail.

The ridiculously long exam commenced at 10am on June 26 and went through the night until the following morning at 9am.

“Do you think I am stupid enough to come to class drunk?” Zaripova told Russian newspaper L!fe News. The lecturer claims to have been sober the entire time.

Zaripova’s students took it upon themselves to write a letter to University management asking for her to be suspended. To their dismay, the head of the University’s Physics Department denied that she was ever under the influence saying, “I would have fired her immediately, if I had seen her drunk.”

Even if the allegations were true, Zaripova is on a 5 year contract which cannot be broken, according to the head of the University’s Physics Department.

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