Published On: Wed, Jun 6th, 2012

5 Reasons Your Boss Hates You

If you find yourself wondering why the bloody hell your boss keeps delaying your promotions or giving you the worst tasks known to mankind, you’ve probably rubbed them the wrong way.

I’ve narrowed down five possible reasons why they just don’t like you! Let go of your stubborn ways and take a look at these corrective measures to get back on their good side – while you’re still employed.

1. You’re always late

Bosses hate tardy employees – so don’t be late! You may think you’re slipping under the radar every time you walk in 5 minutes late, but you’re not. Your boss sees everything, and when they can’t see you, someone else can. Being punctual goes a long way so take the effort to make it into work on time.

2. You’re a suck up

You know who you are. Bosses don’t like brown nosers who praise them for no apparent reason. Keep the relationship cordial and work-related at all times. Focus your time on doing what you were hired to do – work.

3. You’re a slacker

They didn’t hire you to Facebook, Tweet, and simply exist at work. Always make an effort to go the extra mile to get your work done so you can do more work. It’s okay to work above and beyond expectations. If you’re presently in bad books with your boss, this may be your only saving grace.

4. You’re a know it all

If you don’t agree with your boss – remember – they are always right! If you feel the need to voice your opinion, do it in a respectful manner without demeaning your boss’s point of view.

5. You take too many breaks

The water cooler is not a happy hour spot; it was put in place to dispense water.

Time is money, and your time is your boss’s money. So keep socializing at work to a minimum at the water cooler, in the break room and on the phone.

Hopefully, you haven’t reached the point of no return and still have a chance to make amends! Good luck!

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