Published On: Wed, May 2nd, 2012

May Day Occupy Protesters Hit Oakland Hard

Just hours ago, tear gas was used by the Oakland Police as they responded aggressively to protesters that got out of hand. Today, protesters through out the Bay Area gathered peacefully to fight for economic justice for the “99 percent”. By early afternoon, protesters started vandalizing property and in some cases physically attacked police officers.

Downtown Oakland was hit particularly hard at Frank Ogawa Plaza where more than 400 protesters gathered. At least nine people were taken into custody and the police resorted to using tear gas. The vast majority of protesters were peaceful, however, the few acts of vandalism got the majority of the media coverage.

Some local businesses were vandalized including a Bank of America and a CBS news van. It is anticipated that an additional 5,000 protesters will demonstrate at night in downtown Oakland. Police in full riot gear are manning the streets in anticipation of potential violent acts through out the night.

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