Published On: Tue, Apr 3rd, 2012

Survey: Apple’s Tim Cook is Country’s Leading Exec

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is the country’s leading executive according to a new survey released by Glassdoor.

Cook topped the overall list with a staggering 97 percent approval rating among employees, according to the survey from career website

Despite being at the help of Apple for just under a year, Cook even topped Steve Jobs’ approval rating for 2011 by 2 percentage points.

The result of the survey by Glassdoor, headquartered in Sausalito, Calif., is based on employee’s voluntary responses to the simple question: “Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading the company?”

Cook is followed in second place by Ernst & Young CEO Jim Turley with a 95% approval rating.

Report Highlights:

  • Top 5 CEOs: Apple employees clearly approve of the job Tim Cook is doing as he holds the highest CEO rating with a 97% approval. Cook is followed by Ernst & Young CEO Jim Turley (95% approval), QUALCOMM CEO Paul Jacobs (95% approval), American Express CEO Ken Chenault (94% approval) and Google CEO Larry Page (94% approval).
  • CEO To Improve The Most? GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt improved his approval rating the most among the top 25 CEOs when compared to the previous year, improving 19 points to an 83% approval this year, from a 64% approval rating last year.
  • CEOs To Decline The Most? Among the top 25, Procter & Gamble CEO Bob McDonald’s approval rating dropped the most – down 10 points to 84% approval from 94% approval last year. Interestingly, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who was criticized recently by former executive Greg Smith in the New York Times, garners an 89% approval rating, down eight points from 97% approval last year.
  • Big Bank CEOS Highly Rated: For months, Occupy Wall Street movements targeted America’s biggest banks and criticized top executive salaries. Despite this public outcry, U.S. Bank employees give CEO Richard Davis an 88% approval rating, and JPMorgan Chase employees give  CEO Jamie Dimon an 87% approval rating.
  • Conquering Company Drama: CEO Meg Whitman took over the reins at Hewlett-Packard in September 2011, and already, employees give her an 80% approval rating, higher than former CEO Leo Apotheker’s 57% cumulative approval rating and Mark Hurd’s 34% cumulative approval rating.

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