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Dressing Slimmer For Guys

When I was in high school and college I played football. At that time – bigger was always better. So for interviews with coaches and general wear around campus I used to wear fleeces all the time. Why? Because it made you look ten pounds heavier and the way it contoured your body made it look like ten extra pounds of muscle, not fat. This fooled a lot people and even if it didn’t, you just looked like you were trying to stay warm.

These days I spend my time in an office instead of on a football field so I’m trying to HIDE ten pounds.

I’ve researched the issue and found some guidelines. The feedback I’ve received (some of it brutally honest) is that they work.

Tip #1 – Pin Stripes. Suits on their own make you look slimmer. Wearing a suit with pin stripes and sharp creases enhances the effect significantly.

Tip #2 – Baggy doesn’t hide flabby. Get form fitting clothes. This may seem counter intuitive but it works because fitted clothing makes your form look fitter. Also please wear the right size i.e. don’t wear something two waist sizes too small in the hope that it will squeeze in the fat. Men don’t wear spanx so don’t try to turn your pants into one.

Tip #3 – Don’t wear dark shirts with light pants. This cuts you in half and makes you look short and wide. Dark shirts should really only be worn with dark gray pants.

Tip #4 – V-necks over crew-necks. These make you look taller and leaner and also help with hiding jowls. With dress shirts, wear pointed collars instead of spread collars to reduce the appearance of facial roundness.

Tip #5 – No pleats. Pleats just add more material to your pants adding even more circumference to your waist which boosts the appearance of heftiness. Flat front pants have way less material and make your waist look slimmer.

Tip #6 – Don’t tuck it in if you don’t have to. A warning before you apply this rule: make sure the shirt is form fitting and isn’t too long or else it will look like a dress. There is nothing wrong with wearing a dress if that’s the look you are going for.

After reading this you may decide it is probably time to go shopping. Shopping for clothes that fit well is serious motivation in itself to lose those 10 pounds for real. Name brands almost always fit better than the generics so be prepared to invest a little more in looking good.


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