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Teachers Voted as Worst Dressed Profession

A new report revealed that teachers are among the worst-dressed professionals.

The study of 2,000 people, commissioned by fashion retailer High and Mighty, revealed that teacher’s fall to the bottom of the class when it comes to their workplace attire. More than half of those surveyed placed them at the bottom of the sartorial pile, reports the Daily Mail.

Fifty percent of the Brits polled cited dirty shirts, threadbare trousers and scuffed shoes as offensive articles of clothing that ultimately place teachers into the worst dressed category. Eleven percent of parents admitted to complaining to the school principal about their teacher’s lack of pride in their attire.

Twenty percent of teachers admittedly confessed to having let their standards slip by wearing the same shirt for up to three days, while twenty percent of bankers admitted to changing their shirt twice a day.

The study also revealed that British workers are upping their game in the personal style arena, with one in five hoping that their improved appearance might make their bosses take note when it comes time for promotion.

While teachers received an overwhelming vote of being the worst dressed among professions, real estate agents and legal professionals were voted as being best dressed.

The complete breakdown of the top five best and worst dressed professions is as follows:

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  1. 43 mos, 2 wks ago

    I’m not surprised! I can only remember one well dressed teacher in all my education years.