Published On: Thu, Nov 3rd, 2011

Lingerie Store Forces Employees to Wear Tags Displaying Their Bra Size

A Swedish branch of a Scandinavian lingerie chain, called Change, recently came under fire for requiring employees to wear name tags displaying both their bust circumferences and cup sizes.

A former employee at the lingerie store said she was told that the aim of the tags, which were introduced three years ago, was to display the shop’s broad range of sizes.

“I thought it seemed really weird, but I wanted the job as well,” she told a Swedish radio station.

Susann Haglund, the Company CEO, said that the tags had been suggested by the employees. According to her, they are there to aid customers in their choice by showing them what size might be right for what body shape, reports The Local.

“I don’t get why this would be seen as demeaning in any way. I am sure there are those that feel that way, but it is completely voluntary to wear a name tag with your cup size,”she said.

The Commercial Employee’s Union, which represents the lingerie store employees, was contacted by the former employee and claims that the tags are discriminatory; their use breaks the union’s collective agreement, and could be in breach of Swedish law. The union is now planning to sue the company after failing to negotiate.

The Company still refuses to abolish the tag policy and claims to have done nothing wrong. Haglund remains adamant that her employees continue to wear the tags willingly.

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  1. Andrea says:

    They’re catering to male clientele and probably getting a whole lot of fat unattractive dudes shopping there.

  2. Wise guy says:

    OK. I can see the logic here form a guys perspective that is. We work far better when we have something visual to work with. I’m talking about picking the right size.

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