Published On: Fri, Oct 28th, 2011

“We are Wall Street” – Wall Street Strikes Back

Wall Street recently struck back by dropping leaflets on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Here’s what the leaflets said:

“We are Wall Street. It’s our job to make money. Whether it’s a commodity, stock, bond, or some hypothetical piece of fake paper, it doesn’t matter. We would trade baseball cards if it were profitable. I didn’t hear America complaining when the market was roaring to 14,000 and everyone’s 401k doubled every 3 years. Just like gambling, it’s not a problem until you lose. I’ve never heard of anyone going to Gamblers Anonymous because they won too much in Vegas.

Well now the market crapped out, & even though it has come back some whatever, the government and the average Joes are still looking for a scapegoat. God knows there has to be one for everything. Well, here we are.

Go ahead and continue to take us down, but you’re only going to hurt yourselves. What’s going to happen when we can’t find jobs on the Street anymore? Guess what: We’re going to take yours. We get up at 4am and work till 10pm or later. We’re used to not getting up to pee when we have a position. We don’t take an hour or more for a lunch break. We don’t’ demand a union. We don’t retire at 50 with a pension. We eat what we kill, and when the only thing left to eat is on your dinner plates, we’ll eat that.

For years teachers and other unionized labor have had us fooled. We were too busy working to notice. Do you really think that we are incapable of teaching 3rd graders and doing landscaping? We’re going to take your cushy jobs with tenure and 4 months off a year whine just like you that we are so-o-o-o underpaid for building the youth of America. Say goodbye to your overtime and double time and half. I’ll be hitting grounders to the high school baseball team to $5k extra a summer, thank you very much. So now that we’re going to be making $8k a year without upside, Joe Main street is going to have his revenge right? Wrong! Guess what: we’re going to stop buying the new 80k car, we aren’t going to leave the 35 percent tip at our business dinners anymore. No more free rides on our backs. We’re going to landscape our own back yards, wash our cars with a garden hose in our driveways. Our money was your money. You spent it. When our money dries up, so does yours.

The difference is, you lived off of it, we rejoiced in it. The Obama administration and the Democratic National Committee might get their way and knock us off the top of the pyramid, but its really going to hurt like hell for them when our fat a**es land directly on the middle class of America and knock them to the bottom. We aren’t dinosaurs. We are smarter and more vicious than that, and we are going to survive. The question is, now that Obama & his administration are making Joe Main street our food supply…will he? And will they?”


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  1. Juiced says:

    Need I state the obvious here – we all know they’re staring down at the rained on occupier tents sipping on 18 year old scotch.

    • Debbie says:

      I can’t wait to see them take over the jobs the military men and women are doing in Afghanistan, Iraq, and our newest target Iran. They will be great at it since they are used to long hours, no pee breaks, no pesky unions…yep let them take that job!

      • jon says:

        LOL , you cant just quit the military like that. Plus a properly goverened country doesnt need a giant army.
        and if we kept our noses out of other peoples business, we wouldnt need one either :)

        go wall street, your the only thing left making money in america

      • Your ignorance is showing; a lot of us have already been there and done that. I did my time in the sandbox; how about you, Debbie?

        • mark says:

          Everyone can claim that yet many of you who claim to “service” are sitting on desks.

          The rich people in Wall Street sure as hell aren’t going to the frontlines of wars. Quite the opposite, you profit from redirecting the money streams into your OWN pockets.

        • Barbara says:

          love it. (yea, I’m retired. I’m not stupid.

  2. Edmond says:

    It sounds like something Patrick Bateman would say!

  3. April says:

    So typical of these arrogant bastards!

    • Debbie says:

      Can’t wait to see them take the jobs from the military troops, the ones in Afghanistan! They will be great at it since they require so little sleep…hell why wait…they should be drafted!

  4. Nathan says:

    This man was treated like an animal,
    and that’s what he became.

  5. Chamel says:

    Seems to me mr Waldman forgot about one small peace of the wonderfully salespitch he cooked up for himself. “People” from “the street” aren incapable of letting go of material possessions because it’s an important part of their “status”. Giving up that will be like actually admitting that “streeters” are nothing but moneygrabbing machines looking out for number one.

    • Erch says:

      Tell me, why should I care about your view, when you don’t care enough about it to even proofread it? I’m afraid I’m forced to assume you just aren’t serious.

  6. Bring It says:

    Guess what, you tough guy Gordon Gekko wannabe?
    We’re used to discomfort, to being hungry, poor, mistreated, abused, and getting the overall s*** end of the stick.

    Are you?

    We’ll find out when you’re down here at eye level, in the street, won’t we?

    We already know how to scrounge, how to barely get by – it has already been taken.

    You mistake your own comfort (and dread of losing it) for ours – and you are too late.

    You are only “vicious” in the figurative sense, as you will soon find out.

    • Laurel says:

      Agreed. They are seriously over-estimating their worth in society.

      • Phil says:

        So true… I laughed out LOUD when I read the part about them taking all the teaching jobs. They actually CAN’T do that. You need a degree in education, and a state certification, and THEN you need a long list of bona fides. They’re totally delusional!

        • karfau says:

          And even if they find a way to work there without having the qualification (e.g. by buying some deregulation for this area), I hope this will wake up even more people to take their children out of those schools.

          • Danny says:

            is this a joke? you dont think an ibanker who most likely graduated top of his class from a ivy league equivalent university is incapable of teaching 3rd graders? people here are all alpha males, the best of the best,we are the ones that partied through school and yet still managed to graduate with honors. think about it, if we can work 16 hrs 7 days a week and work on billion dollar deals. you really dont think we can get some little license to teach 9 years olds? on 2+2?

  7. Romney says:

    Greedy bastards.

  8. Bob says:

    Its no surprise all of you missed the point, he’s saying that they bust their asses for their job and no matter where they go it will be the same, just having an art history or liberal arts degree gets you no where now. You actually have to work hard idiots.

    • Steve says:

      Why do we all have to work 10 hours days and tell our kids to go to hell (like Jobs did)? We do not have to live this way.

      No, we will not trade our lives for the grindstone. We can have a sane work week with adequate health care for all.

      All we need to do is take back the money they siphoned off with their lies and cons. We lived thousands of years without stocks or derivatives and we can do the same once more if need be.

      You don’t own us, we own you. There are much more than 99 of us for every one of you.

      • KJ says:

        You, Steve, are a moron. That is all.

      • Dealmaker says:

        If there would be 999 of you against one of us … that does not matter! We are the guys who pay the boys with the guns and tanks! You should never forget this! 998, 997, 996, …

        • kada says:

          And look how well that has worked for the Egyptian leaders.

        • gHurt says:

          ummmmm… the guys with the guns and tanks are still part of the 99…

          Your move

          • dave says:

            I think people are forgetting about the graduated tax system in America. If I’m not mistaken (and I know that I am not), the 1% pays in 35% of their income yearly. So those people that make 1 billion dollars a year have to pay in 350 million in taxes. If I’m not mistaken, that means that the top 1% pay in more in taxes than most of us make in a year combined. This entire statement is a response to the post that said something about the 99% are the ones paying the soldiers when in fact, most of the money comes from the 1%

          • rverendcv says:

            @ Dave: You are right and actually that information is on the website, accesible to anyone. The top 1% earners in the country pay 38% of the total taxes in the nation. The top 50% earners pay for 98% of the total tax. As a disclaimer, I am not part of that 1% and I do not work on WS. But i don’t like seeing all those false slogans without checking the actual data first.

      • Boris says:

        Steve: Do you really want to cite thousands of years? Do you know who owned property before banks and loans? Do you really think wealth was better distributed in the past? I’m sure the kings and queens agree. Let’s go back to the good old days when serfs and peasants (the 99) had everything.

    • sue fromme says:

      Lots of people “bust their asses” at work,including janitors and the people who pick crops for a living. If “busting your ass” is actually what made people rich,the guy who mows your lawn and 10 others every day would be rich. I would laugh out loud at the site of any Wall Street banker actually attempting any of those real “bust your ass’ jobs.

      • Ivan says:

        This, and so much more. I served a decade in the USAF as an EOD tech, both as an Airman and an officer. I’ve done two tours in Iraq, three in Afghanistan. I’m now out of the regular component, and in the Reserve. I work 70 hours a week as a field engineer for a mining company, plus my one weekend a month. I sweat, I spit, I bleed in my work. I don’t begrude the silk shirt set their work, because don’t know finance. I don’t claim that I could toss my dungarees and don a suit and become the next Gordon Gecko. But then again, they can’t do what I do. I would love to see one of these manicured bankers try to set an semtex charge, or drive a hundred-ton bucket, or even operate a crusher. If it was simply about labor, the illegal down in Alabama who’s cropping lettuce would be the richest man in the US, and the average banker would be in the bottom 20%. But it’s not labor. And anyone who thinks they can come down from those towers and fight in our realm, good luck. We eat what we kill, and trust us, the 99% is a hell of a lot better at killing than you.

        • Bahb says:

          “I served a decade in the USAF…”
          “I work 70 hours a week as a field engineer…”
          “they can’t do what I do.”
          No, they can’t because they don’t have your years of experience just as you admit that you couldn’t do their job.

          The point of what was said, which most commentors have missed, is that their jobs are fundemental to the economy. Tell me, Ivan, how are you going to shatter that rock face when the company that produces the explosives can’t get investors? How do you think Catapillar stays in business? Do you think any company survives solely through their sales? Where do you think they get money from to start up? Investors! Do you think you will still have a job when whatever your mining company rips from the earth is no longer valuable? Who do you think makes sure that market continues to be profitable?

          Everyone has their place and one of the biggest points of divide I have seen is that the Occupy protesters are more jealous than anything else. The Wallstreeters have found a way to take (and yes, manipulate) a commodity that EVERYONE uses and all the majority of the protesters have learned how to to is make things pretty. Oh yeah, and hold their hands out and demand to be paid for doing nothing.

          • Dear Bahb,
            sorry, what you don´t seem to understand is: “Their jobs are” *in no way* “fundemental to the economy.”
            They´re working in a virtual, seperated fantasy-economy. What the banksters do is not “investing” (well, admitted, maybe 2% of their work might be). It´s betting, gambling, playing with whole national economies and the food prices for half the world.
            We don´t need those Gekkos. I wouldn´t cry out “jump, you fuckers!”, as some poor, hard working guy has to clean up the mess. Again. “No more free rides on our backs.”

    • CynicalCynic says:

      And it is no surprise that those who got lucky… yes, lucky in life and work, are preaching that ‘hard work gets you everything’ crap. What about those that work hard their whole lives and never get that lucky break that you did? Or, (the more likely), did not have family money or an easy way to legally steal it from others? (Don’t kid yourself, it is easy to legally steal money, the wall street fat cats and their ilk have spent the last 30 or so years making sure of that).

      There is nothing more annoying than someone who worked and got lucky in life telling those who worked just as hard but did not have that lucky break that it is entirely their fault when the facts keep showing us that the game is being rigged by those who got lucky.


      • Bob Jones says:

        Very well put.
        Thanks for posting.

      • jerk says:

        you mean… like those rich democrats in congress and the senate who inherited their wealth????

        you know, of the top 20 richest senators and congresscritters, half are republican and half democrat.

        8 out of 10 democrats inherited their wealth.

        7 out of 10 republicans EARNED their wealth.

        luck indeed!

      • jack o says:

        I work hard and always have, but I’ve also had liberal doses of luck that most people don’t get. I don’t mistake one (my effort) for the other (luck).

        I know very few people who don’t hustle in this life, a great many people work harder than I do in return for less.

        I consider it my obligation, since I acknowledge the luck (or the blessing, fate, karma, etc), to spread the wealth that has been provided to me among those who haven’t been so lucky. In small ways, without drawing attention to it, in an effort to put BACK into the world what was GIVEN to me.

        This stuff about US and THEM is the heart of the matter. It’s about ALL of us, and until we’re able to acknowledge that our fate is a shared one we’re going to continue working against a real solution.

        It’s hard to watch sometimes.

    • Nick says:

      I’m glad somebody got it…what the OWS movement is calling “greed” was once called “ambition” or “work ethic.” The people at the top got there for a reason–at some point, they had to work their ass off. They’ll do it again. What do you think is going to happen when you’re sitting down for a job interview next to someone who had the drive to make it to the top in the first place? You’re going to get clobbered. If you want a piece of the pie, get off your ass, put down the sign, and go work for it. I’m 24 years old and I never had anything handed to me. I busted my ass and graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA and a near-perfect SAT score, and was accepted to my first-choice college. I dropped out six months later due to health issues that caused my GPA to tank, and started working full-time to pay off my loans. And you know what? Five years later I’ve got a modest salary; I work Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, I pay my rent, utilities, insurance, and car loan, and there’s usually enough money left over for my fiancee and I to go out to dinner a few times a week. I’m happy with that, and I live below my means just in case something goes wrong. I never asked for a handout, and I never used government benefits. When I lost the best job I’d ever had and needed to make ends meet, I went out and made money with my own two hands, using the construction skills I had the foresight to develop early on in case I needed a safety net. It’s not the life I dreamed of, but it’s what I had to do. I’ve worked sixteen-hour days, seven days a week, and not once–not one single time–did I think I deserved a piece of what the people a few rungs above me on the ladder had gained. I’ll have those things one day–once I’ve put in the time and the effort to earn them. And when I’m sitting near the top, will you call me greedy because I had the dedication to make something of myself? Will you demand a piece of my fortune because you couldn’t build one of your own? Greed isn’t refusing to give a handout to people who’ve done nothing to deserve it–greed is demanding what you haven’t rightfully earned. I gladly donate money to charities that support those who CAN’T support themselves due to circumstances beyond their control, but I have never, and will never, give my hard-earned dollars to people who refuse to put forth the effort to make it on their own.

      • Steele says:

        Has it occurred to you, sir, that you should not HAVE to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week to “make ends meet”? If not for the greed of those you worked for, you’d be making twice the money in half the time. But no, you break your back to earn pennies while those above you rake in dollars. Where’s THEIR hard work? Why do THEY deserve all the money? YOU’RE the one busting your behind, YOU should be the one making the money.

        • Nick says:

          You misunderstand. I didn’t work sixteen-hour days to make ends meet; I never said that. I worked sixteen-hour days because the work was available and I was glad to have it, and I was putting away money for leaner times that I knew might be ahead–that’s one of the risks involved in being a contractor (although, oddly enough, that kind of work ethic had a tendency to keep me employed fairly reliably. Go figure.). Other times, I worked sixteen-hour days because I wanted to improve my life in some way that required extra cash; not out of necessity, but out of desire. I wasn’t working that much to make ends meet–I was doing it because I wanted something more than that, and I was willing to sacrifice to get it. Once again I fail to see how someone else’s greed was keeping me down. You assume that I worked for some corporate miser who could’ve paid me ten times what I made–in reality, I worked mostly for middle-class homeowners, regular people who needed the services I could offer. Should they be expected to fork over more of their hard-earned dollars so I could work a few less hours? Wouldn’t I, then, be the greedy one for price gouging someone who looked to me out of necessity? I suppose I could’ve relied on a handout from the government to supplement my income and worked a more normal schedule, but once again, I find the idea repulsive. I’ll take what I’ve EARNED, thank you, and be happy for it.

          • Bob Jones says:

            Nick, if what you say is true, then you are one of a very few. Your work ethic is something everyone should aspire to, but this is not reality. This is NOT how the world works for everyone.

            There are people out there who will lie/cheat/steal their way to the top. THESE are the people who are the problem, not you. These are also the people who are the 1%.

            If everyone had your work ethic, we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in nowadays, so good on you. We need more people like yourself in the world. Until then, we need to claw back what the cheaters and liars have conned out of everyone. Yes, this includes the slackers employed by your local chain gang, the government.

        • Barbara says:

          People, you don’t even think straight. So, I should pay the yardman/woman what, half my salary? or 2/3?
          And my hairdresser another 1/2? Oh, and my server when I go out to ear another 1/2? Oh, sorry I’m out of money now and I can’t pay my own bills.

      • OlderNwiser says:

        24? That’s a big paragraph for a kid your age. Looks like you’ve made it, huh? All that hard work finally paid off? 24.

        Truth is this, Captain. You won’t make it near the top. None of us will. We can’t fathom the top. You’ve got enough so you

        and your girl can go out to eat a few times a week now. Wait until you have kids, a house, 2 cars. 15 years down the road

        you will notice it gets harder and harder to afford to live WHILE busting your ass. You’ll notice that the career you’ve

        mastered can’t give you the big raises you got when you were just starting out. You will notice the retirement you’ve been

        saving for isn’t going to come because the hole you’ve been shoving your money into has been a sham all this time and

        everyone you know has been fooled. You could throw a higher percent of your salary at it, but there’s always something

        you’re breaking your piggy bank for and there’s nothing left. You will peek behind the curtain and see that government and

        banks and big business have been making sweet love all this time and you’ve been played, are being played and will always

        be played. Even though you know it’s happening there’s nothing you can do about it.

        Meanwhile you’ll read the news and hear of one of those running the corporate machine being caught stealing enormous

        amounts of money, the smallest fraction of which you would kill for because it would be enough for you to live 100

        lifetimes. Then the story repeats with a different name and a slightly altered amount. Soon you will see this is a game to

        them and the majority of the famed 1% are NOT getting caught.

        This isn’t about picking up a sign. This is about saving your God damned life.

      • Dave says:

        You’re 24 years old and telling me what it takes to make it?
        Talk to me in 25 years after your life savings is robbed from you, the company you bled for goes under & your wife takes you for everything and you have to take a job at half salary because that’s just the market now.
        You are a kid and don’t have a clue what you are even talking about.
        16 hour days at 24 years old? Pffft! What, did you pull a double at the Burger King a couple of times for Prom money?
        Come back when you spend 5 years working 100 hour weeks.

        • Josh says:

          Dave, you are a bitter miserable exscuse for a person. What I get from your post is you want everyone to suffer the same as you and because someone made it they deserve to be dragged back down into the misery you’ve imposed on yourself. Telling him he’s a kid and doesn’t have a clue, I think he’s more of an adult than you, he has taken responsibility for himself and his family where as you want to blame someone else.

          Keep it up Nick, work ethic like yours pays off eventually.

        • Quit Whining says:

          Dave- Get a degree in something lucrative and quit whining. If you would have educated yourself on diversifying your investments then you wouldn’t have been “as affected” by the adverse market changes occuring recently. I am 25 years old making six figures. I went to college, worked throughout, and found a job. Pretty simple huh? If you want to make more money then prove yourself to be valuable. Seems like you might have a hard time doing that….

      • Bob Jones says:

        How naive of you.

        You say you’ve never been handed anything in your life. I haven’t either, and I’ve worked my A$$ off my ENTIRE LIFE. Where is my high paying salary?

        They got where they are through luck, fortune or other family/friend connections. Hard work has nothing to do with it. Hate to say.

        The amount of people in this country who “work hard” is a lot larger than you seem to realize.

        There is only so much money in the world, and when a small amount of people control the vast majority of it, that’s WRONG.

        You (the rich fat-cats) are the CAUSE of suffering in the US. When you hoard all your resources, there’s less for everyone else. That makes them greedy, and wrong.

        I’d love nothing more than to see a fat-cat in a suit operating a leaf-blower. Something tells me I will never in my life see it.

        And I’ll tell the 1% something. The moment you even STARE at my plate wrong, I’ll rip off your arm and fry it up for desert. Touch my plate, and you ARE the main course. Get it?

        You can’t just take from people, they will fight you, and they will win. Because where there’s 1 of you, and many of us, you lose automatically.

      • MattGMD says:

        This diatribe is apparently the result of misinformation being fed to its low-information audience by the Fox News screechmonkeys.

    • Willis says:

      The difference is that we would share our dinner plates. We call them ethics and morals.

    • Phil says:

      Ah, but Bob, that doesn’t change the fact that the pamphlet is a work of grand DELUSION. A stockbroker knows how to be a stockbroker, and nothing MORE than that.

      He won’t be able to take a teaching job away from anyone because he doesn’t have a degree in elementary education, or any of the internships, supplemental training, certifications, or bona fides that are required in most states to teach.

      He won’t be able to suddenly jump into technical or skilled trades work because he hasn’t got the training for EITHER. It takes years to get a technical degree, and years to work your way from apprentice to journeyman.

      He won’t be able to take ANY positions away from the people who currently hold them, because “being able to work 10 hours without a pee break” DOESN’T MATTER. Nobody CARES about that. It’s just not necessary in any normal job.

      A stockbroker who tries to take over Main Street is going to end up working in Starbucks, because outside of Wall Street, he’s UNSKILLED LABOR.

      Sorry to have to break this to you. But you sound like you need to hear it.

    • Tom says:

      People down here *are* working hard. Soon he will too.
      Most people down here don’t have art history or liberal arts degrees btw. Soon he will see.
      Reality gets you.

    • Barbara says:

      My son has a good job. He worked he’s way through with little help from us. I’m proud of him. It ticks me off that other who have not worked to do better want to take what he worked HARD for.

  9. AEC130 says:

    A declaration of civil [class] war?

  10. lordchoad says:

    you people are so easily manipulated
    wall street? what exactly does that mean?
    does that basically just mean wealthy people or is it the people who move wealth around that are the evil ones. what about the secret reptilian shapeshifter overlords. you know their in there somewhere. their always in there. heres a novel idea, everything you “own” is just one bit of your “lifestyle lease” all of your possessions are reflections of who you want to be yet can not. you flitter about with you subconscience display draped over your weakining frame. why not just cast it aside and instead turn to the one thing that can never be taken from you. the one thing that is truly yours. imagineation is all you need to be alive and happy. free health care would be nice too but that fo sho aint gon happen. anyway, stop beeing a putz and get organized effectively. cry out in one voice under one banner. let my people go

  11. Mike says:

    What a tool. The poor already work multiple jobs and long hours, all the while being vilified, so nothing new for us. Does anyone actually think that ANY wall streeter would do any of those things. Not buy a new car huh, well, your perceived wealth just went do. They care about appearance. They are as much addicted to money as anyone else. And how were any of the things he mentioned “free rides”, if someone is waiting on them, they have to deal with this arrogant douches self centered nature, doesn’t look like a free ride to me. Also, who’s money was the bailout money that saved this jackasses job when the market went…. Ohhh ya, OUR money. OUR money kept him employed. While we lost houses, retirement funds and more. They get bailed out, we got sold out.

  12. Ronbo says:

    Let’s see: the 1% will (supposedly) enter the job market, and the roughly 30% of income that they currently soak up will be suddenly available to the rest of us. Sounds good to me.

    • Joe says:

      You are assuming that the 99% can take over and successfully do the jobs of the 1%, which I don’t think will happen. The 99% would fail some more, and just whine louder, hoping to 1) find someone else to blame for their own failure, and 2) get free stuff from people.

      • tim says:

        That is the whole point. The 99% are NOT supposed to continue destroying our economy.

      • Michael says:

        Take over their jobs? You mean destroy trillions in wealth and put people out of work? I am pretty sure Monkeys could do that and in return would only want a banana from time to time.

  13. Zappavishnu says:

    Hey Wall Street, I’ll feel sympathy for you when I start getting billion dollar bailouts for losing in Vegas. Meanwhile shut yer pie hole.

  14. Straelbora says:

    Another person born on third base who is convinced that his home run was completely his own. As a welfare kid who put himself through law school, I dealt with self-important, self-deluded jerks like this for three years. I’m sure there were a lot of fools who thought like this in the spring of 1929 who were throwing themselves out of windows in the fall of 1929.

  15. mike says:


  16. Jessie says:

    You are a pussy Mr.Waldman

  17. Ian says:

    Hmmm I hear people calling “streeters” arrogant, greedy, moneymachines etc… What are the people who are above working more than one job because they are educated? They are simply out in an occupy movement with no real focus complaining because these people who make money aren’t sharing. Boo fricken hoo. If you don’t like bank fees, dont use a bank. If you are pissed because these people are making more money than you, get an unpaid internship living off of ramen noodles like I did and then work your way into a damn good job the old fashioned way. Be innovative not just a hangnail of society.
    As for looking out for the 99%, what about the people who were unable to get to work because OWS blocked the brooklyn bridge stopping public transport? What about how the occupy movement pushed a farmers market out of a park to a place where they have made much less money, for some enough less that they are having a harder time paying the bills?
    I am all for protesting when you feel you have been wronged, but what are you protesting? The fact that noone is holding your entitled hand anymore? Get over it, get a job, and shut the F*&@ up.

  18. billy ray valentine says:

    Mortimer, I bet you a dollar that the street-smart vendor can do a better job on Wall Street than your man, who would not last a minute in the middle class gutter.
    Trading Places.

  19. A few things… first, the (author) claims the 99% got it wrong when they got upset when things started to turn south. That may or may not be true BUT there is one glaring omission: when things went bad, the 99%ers lost their houses and jobs while the 1% still kept receiving their bonuses and paychecks thanks to the (tax payer a.k.a. 99%ers funded) banker bailouts. Second: THERE ARE NO MIDDLE CLASS JOBS LEFT @SSCLOWN! How are you going to take something that doesn’t exist? The best thing that could happen to the author and his out-of-touch minions is to have them all lose their jobs.

  20. AsIf says:

    I’m glad you are a hard worker – not what OWS are about. They’re glad you are working hard for your incredible wealth. I am in awe of your drive to succeed. You are right – no one was complaining when the market was up. We assumed that you were doing your jobs well. Really it turned out that many of you were all just quietly pouring crap into a bag and rebranding it as A++ quality merchandise and then kept trading it around. Because there was no one watching you got away with it. You kept pouring more and more crap into the system and marking it A++ and the system made the assumption that you weren’t all lying, thieving scum. Maybe, just maybe that is where we have the problem with you. Or maybe it’s that after the bag burst and we found out just how much crap you had been lying about for YEARS you became outraged when it was suggested that a small amount of oversight of your actions might be required. As you own most of the govt. you pretty much got your way and they backed off and said “Hey here’s a gajillion dollars, we forgive you.” Ouch. That stung a little but you guys pinkie promised not to do anything like that again and to clean up the mess you had caused and get things back on track. Except you didn’t. You’re still pouring the same crap in and calling it A++ quality. On top of that you’ve drained off that gajillion dollars and used it to make yourselves sound again while offloading the crap that you were going to fix back onto the government.

    As for the – you’re going to walk off of Wall Street and take our jobs? Good luck with that. If you’re caught stealing at a regular job – you go to jail. If you destroy the financial well being of your company though gross and willful mismanagement you lose that job and good luck with a reference. If you take that teacher job I think they’ll notice when you blow it off and give all the kids A’s and then they all fail at the standardized tests. And while you may have the physical capability to hit grounders to my kid I seriously doubt you have any ability to teach him anything about a Team sport. I’m sure you could probably show him a thing or two about stealing second base.
    Wall Street lied and then screamed when we caught them. They lied again when they said they would change. They are still lying and now they are trying to convince America that they are the ones who were wronged.
    Plus the math of your outrage is screwed up. Unless you are buying 10,000 meals a day and leaving that 35% tip everywhere your 1% spoiled ass is doing nothing for the overall economy. All you are doing is rolling your money into your own investments which are better than ours for the most part because you know where at last some of the bags of crap are and you don’t invest your own money in it unless you know you can hand off the bag of crap to somebody else.

    So yes, please go ahead and don’t occupy Wall Street for us. There is another army of Business majors dying to take YOUR job and kick you to the curb just as fast. Or maybe with enough turn over and the power of rainbows and unicorns at least some of the next batch might pause to consider before filling up the next bag of crap.

  21. Chad says:

    The thing the author of this note is not taking into consideration is that he (or she) is also part of the 99%. That note was most certainly not written by a billionaire.

  22. Rich Miles says:

    Honestly, this doesn’t seem real to me. This type of arrogance is exactly what the Occupy Wall Street group expects.

    If it is real, wow. Just wow. So, this is coming form the geniuses that masterminded the greatest financial meltdown our world has ever known. Yeah, I guess I will take that bet. Come take my job.

    I am a strong believer in capitalism. The problem here is that in a capitalist society, you do not socialize the losses. Right now, there is NO risk, only reward for Wall Street.

    Stop trading baseball cards and start building profitable companies that need employees. That will shut up those damned Occupiers.

    • KJ says:

      And after reading all the (somewhat scary and mostly ridiculous) replies thus far, THIS is the best, most logical, lucid and on-point reply to date. Thank you, Mr. Miles.

  23. “Just like gambling, it’s not a problem until you lose”….yeah, it might not have been a problem if it had been a fair game, but it wasn’t a fair game. You a-holes fixed it and baited the masses. Now the jig is up and you f*ckers will get yours. AND How vicious is some pasty out-of-shape accountant type? Are you kidding me??? I’d make the strongest of you into hash in minutes or less. See you on the street, beeyotches.

  24. Matt says:

    You don’t get the kind of income these guys have without busting your ass, absolutely. I just have a problem with this letter taking shots at teachers. No, I don’t think that most of those guys could teach, not for long. You have to love to teach to teach, otherwise you burn out and quit. It’s a different story when you don’t make any more money for the extra hours you put in. Maybe you can teach my 3rd grader to make a diorama, that’s great. Can you make him want to? Can you be mom, dad, coach, disciplinarian, cheerleader, motivational speaker all in the same day? The same 42 minute class? Most importantly, do you have an intrinsic desire to do so? If not, there are lots of other meaningful jobs you could do and I would suggest that you pursue. You will likely be happier that way.

  25. Bob=Moron says:

    Bob, it’s not that we didn’t notice his claim of working hard, it’s that his arrogant and delusional argument overshadows it. He thinks that the top 1% would really take the jobs of the 99%? Really? Because that math doesn’t really add up.

    Math, by the way, is a liberal arts degree.


    • feedle says:

      Funny. I have a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

      Maybe at YOUR crappy school, but at a real University it is, in fact, a science degree.

  26. Amused says:

    So…. when will they have the time for all that landscaping when they work from 4-10?

  27. Jimmi says:

    This is the kind of person that really wouldn’t do well in another industry. Hard working or not that kind of attitude wouldn’t go over well when teaching 3rd grade.
    This is the rambling of an arrogant jackass. He may be hard working and he may be smart. But he’s definitely not smarter and harder working than a lot of people that I know who also happen to not be jerks.

  28. BSoMeter says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the writer.
    Winners will remain winners, losers “OWS and similar ilk” will remain and become even bigger losers as the handouts dry up.
    Bravo sir for telling it how it is.

  29. Greg says:

    I’m not mad that they make the money. What gets me is they took a gamble and lost and expect me to pay for it. If I go to Vegas and lose all my money the casino is not going to say “Oh, I’m sorry you lost everything. Here’s $10,000, go try again.” Which, to me, is what happened.

  30. Bill Lyons says:

    If you think hard work makes you rich then you’re stupid. If you think poor people don’t know hard work, then you’re stupid. I’d put my calloused hands up against your manicured ones ANY DAY.

  31. Tom says:

    What he forgets to account for is when they apply for a non-Wall Street job the owner/manager will look at the application, say to himself “This is one of those idiots who trashed my 401k.” and guess what? No job for the ex-wall streeter…

  32. Normm says:

    Wall Street doesn’t “make money” It just moves it around. The meltdown moved wealth from the 99% to the 1% to a greater degree than ever before. The middle class is disappearing. Preyed upon by the 1%.

  33. J Frazer says:

    “We get up at 4am and work till 10pm or later”

    Maybe sleep deprivation explains their recent history of stupid decisions.

  34. scubabooby says:

    Here’s the problem mister Wall Street. We already bust our asses. I know a kid who works 4 jobs in order to pay for his college.

    He still doesn’t have enough money.

    I know somebody who’s been jobless for a year now and they’ve been looking every damn day for one. When you get knocked down from the top of the pyramid, as you put it, you’re going to be stuck with the same joblessness, lack of health care, and inadequacy of wages that we’ve been dealing with since you decided to screw the common man. You talk about free rides but I figure you must be talking about yourself considering the raises and bonuses you’ve been giving yourself with the money we earned for you have been higher than they ever have been. If you want to talk about free rides, let’s talk about bailouts. If you want to talk about free rides, let’s talk about all the layoffs you’ve made in the name of profit. If you want to talk about free rides, let’s talk about the big office that you seem to have time to write out a provocative letter in. When did you write this letter? Company time? Doesn’t matter, it’s not like you’ll fire yourself. Go have another vacation, it’s not like your company pays taxes or is hiring people or improving the quality of whatever product you may or may not produce with all those record profits you guys are making.

    You act like teaching 3rd graders and helping children develop as human beings and members of society is easy. You know what? I bet it’d be easy if school were getting money. Plus, my own mother can’t get a job as a teacher and she’s been teaching for 30 years and has been taking classes and taking tests. You think a school is just going to hire you right off the bat because you have/had a lot of money (in this hypothetical scenario you concocted, do you keep your millions, or do you give it away? Oh who am I kidding)? Even if you don’t get the job, you can always enjoy the good feeling you get when you pay taxes (it’s going to feel weird doing it at first but soon enough you’ll get into the swing of things). Some of that money goes to schools, but you already knew that.

    You say you’re going to stop paying the 35 percent tip in your bill? That’s understandable, the accepted number is 20 percent. Will you not be going to five star restaurants anymore? Will you be cutting back on the lobster and caviar? If you’re going to be joining the ranks of the middle class, you’re going to have to change the way you eat. Yesterday I went to taco bell and ordered a taco that cost $1.09. That was my meal for the day. That’s how I eat now because all my money is gone. Boy I sure am going to be sad when this free ride is up.

    Hey, you know what? Let’s bury the hatchet. Come, join the middle class. We’ll accept you, there are already hundreds of millions of us, what’s three million more? Maybe then when there’s some economic equality we’ll get people to run our businesses who will do a good job since you guys are clearly not capable (what with the bailouts and bankruptcies and the employment rates we have). Then again, they might just become the new 1% but hey, then you’ll get to enjoy the American wasteland they’ll create for you, just like how we’ve been enjoying the one you made for us.

  35. Brian says:

    I think the wall streeter who wrote that is completely out of touch. To begin with, the only people who cared about the stock market going up were the brokers and the handful of rich people who own all the stocks. The stock market going up didn’t help one single person who works for a living. As for thinking any of those clowns can come out here in the real world away from their cushy wall street offices: I say bring them on. I’m in my sixties and I’d still out work any of those pathetic excuses for humans. I don’t support the socailist Occupy Wallstreet movement. I work hard for what I have and no one or no government has the right to tell me to give up what I have to support a bunch of welfare people sucking on the governments teat’s. So, you put down your Wall Street Journal there puppy and try coming out here to make a real living. You couldn’t survive like a lot of folks who make 10% of what you do. Stay in Wall Street and suck on you silver spoon.

  36. itemforty says:

    We really need to, perhaps, confirm this is true before it incites people to do stupid shit.

  37. Sweeping money from one corner of the room to another should in no way be considered work. Or useful.

  38. jimmy says:

    Software Dev here…. People with business degrees are some the the stupidest people I know…

  39. Am I somehow supposed to be impressed that these people are so shallow and greedy that they spend 17 hours a day focused on screwing somebody out of another nickel? Fail.

  40. jum says:

    i can tell by the comments you guys really have no idea who you are dealing with. these guys are smarter, richer, and work harder then anyone in the world. they will always be one stop ahead of you. they will steal your wife just because they can, then give her back to you, but she will always remember them.

    • Phil says:

      Thanks for the laugh. I’ve known stockbrokers; they don’t know how to do ANYTHING for themselves. Most of them can’t even file their own paperwork, they have the secretaries do it. All they’re really good for is ripping people off over a telephone and drinking themselves stiff as a board when they go home.

      Smarter??? Ha ha ha… They THINK they are, to be sure. But no.

      • jum says:

        thanks to computers there really aren’t many stockbrokers any longer, not in the sense that you remember them. of course my statement was a metaphore for the banksters, that seems to have escaped you.

    • Sean says:

      HA! If you honestly believe sitting on your ass in air conditioned luxury clicking a mouse occasionally and selling lies is hard work just because you pull a few long hours you are truly delusional. Only 4am to 10pm? Ask a farmer about his hours or the compensation he receives to actually create something. Those prissy wimps couldn’t steal a cookie from my kid and my wife isn’t much interested in the girly-boys. If she were to remember them at all it would be the side splitting laugh as they pretend they are “real” men. Just because you and your circle of friends share the same delusion does not make it so. I for one would certainly welcome the attempt, not much to laugh about these days. I think the inverse more true; it’s you who have “no idea who you are dealing with.”

      • jum says:

        oh, i’m not saying these are ‘tough’ guys, no doubt your kid could kick their ass. what i’m saying, in a round-about way, is, if they really want your kids cookie they will somehow get it. they will buy it, steal it, get someone to rob it for them. my point is these people have unchecked power and do whatever they want whenever they want. because they can. i’m not talking about the guy worth $10,000,000, i’m talking about the rockefeller’s, the kennedy’s, the real 1%. they have unchecked power, not just money, but real power. i love farmers, as long as they rotate their crops, they do create stuff. the real 1% only create havoc, see a group called the ‘bilderberg group’, nothing happens in the world without them, not a crash in the markets, not a war. they are the top 1% of th the 1%.

  41. nacogdoches says:

    I don’t care how smart or hardworking that guy thinks he is: I’m an English professor, and if that little essay is any indication of the writing skills on Wall Street, I’m pretty sure my job is safe. ^_^

    • jum says:

      no doubt you have tenure. they will make a contribution to your college just to have you fired. they will make your miserable life even more miserable. just what the world needs is another english professor churning out more english majors. then they will steal your wife, have their way with her, and send her back to your academic hole, or if you are a women they will do the same to your husband. if you are single they will find something else to make you more miserable. they will change the rules of grammar if they want, and discard anything milton ever wrote, he was useless anyway. best to keep your mouth shut, they have ways to find you.

  42. Steve D says:

    I’ve seen this before. A rant by someone with zero real skills. He pushes paper and nothing else. He can’t drive a nail, change a muffler or a diaper, or write a software macro.

  43. Realist says:

    The problem with OWS is they only understand half the problem. They are saying, in effect, “Your way of life is killing us.” So they grasp the RESULT of the problem. But they want more access to the way of life that is killing them. They want to maintain this way of life, so long as they get a bigger share of the product. OWS (and the rest of us) need to say, ‘Okay, your way of life is killing us, so we want nothing to do with it. We’ll do our own thing, and leave you in peace – so long as you leave us in peace as well.’ I refer all of you to Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael series. The Takers can take all they want… the Leavers should be willing to just turn their backs and walk away. Start a new way of life. Grow your own food, feed your neighbors from your excess. Not Communism – communalism. Just step away from the whole ‘economy’ paradigm and get back to living the way 99% percent of the world lived for 99% of human history, and how most of the world could live now, if they weren’t striving to be part of the Taker economy.

  44. leorising says:

    Hey, Wall Street hacks: Alabama needs (white) tomato pickers — have at it! Let’s see how tough you really are.

  45. easybutton says:

    This is exactly what happens when the government does anything even remotely related to corporations. If true capitalism was being practiced and the government hadn’t gotten involved, these assholes would be in the fucking streets right now because they would have lost it all like the rest of us while the people who actually bust ass and make sacrifices would be hurting but better off. I have no qualms with rich people who actually busted their ass to get to where they are (like Bill Gates) but when your wealth relies on balloon interest mortgages and dishing them out to people who can’t pay them. And then having the government buy said mortgages because people can’t pay for them thus giving you a free pass. We have a problem that can only be solved by seeing what should have happened to you actually happening to you.

  46. Willis says:

    Sad cry from high horsed people afraid of losing the horse. The difference is we would share our dinner plates. We call them ethics and morals. This is a sad letter.

  47. mike says:

    chain doors closed after they enter,burn building down!

  48. Vati says:

    The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human. – Aldous Huxley
    In the nature of things, those who have no property and see their neighbors possess much more than they think them to need, cannot be favorable to laws made for the protection of property. When this class becomes numerous, it becomes clamorous. It looks on property as its prey and plunder, and is naturally ready, at times, for violence and revolution. – Daniel Webster – 1820

  49. Dervish says:

    The word lobbyist and anything pertaining to lobbyists is absent in the leaflet. Wall Street and other big industries use lobbyists to screw the 99% and make the wealth disparity even worse.

  50. Debbie says:

    Can’t wait to see them take the jobs from the military troops, the ones in Afghanistan!

  51. Alright, Now I’m not saying I’m siding with wall street. but this is ridiculous. is there any other reports of this? are there signatures at the bottom? Cause I’m gonna say they didn’t actually right this. Its way over the top and super arrogant. And Its the exact thing that would certainly get folks riled up. But its like the bible, Written by one person, claiming to be someone else.

  52. schoschie says:

    Oh yuck. That is the whining of someone who is up their own intestine and couldn’t give a shit about other people. Disgusting. The maturity of a 4-year-old. But — I’m not surprised.

  53. Trabi says:

    You’re not making money. You’re just grabbing it from someone else. In “good” times it is someone far away getting robbed by you, sonoone notice. And if you’re really satisfied, some little amount of your benefits are dribbling down to the people. But changing to bad times, when there is noone left to be further looted, you are turning to your neighbour instead. Right now you are masked by calling ist business and you’ve got some protection by law. But be assured, several years ago the people knew how to deal with scum like you. Far out on Joe Doe’s farm which you are gonna take, there will be no sherrif. But some really nice trees or power poles instead, just waiting for you to come out of your modern times city center palace.

  54. Chris says:

    An obnoxious, arrogant asshole proving that “Occupy” is 100% correct…

  55. mookid says:

    i’m sure adolf eichmann also had great work ethics and woke up at 4am everyday. surely that changes how we should think about the result of his work.

  56. Anonymous says:

    That sounds like whoever wrote that is warning the 99% that they cannot let any of the wall street people stay alive. Not good.

  57. Worker says:

    Lol, good one! What kind of job they wanna do? I guess they haven’t realized that real jobs require real skills.

    After this is all over, this kind of guys better start to sweep our streets without without requisition, or they’ll continue gambling in jail..

  58. Randy says:

    They can take the jobs at pig farms! There are plenty of vacancies since the 1% lobbied for the crack down on illegal immigrants. It’s like a match made in heaven! They work 11 hour days with no breaks, just like the illegals they kicked out!

  59. Chris says:

    Guess what numbnuts there are now millions of people out of work. You may THINK you can do the job of a teacher, good luck finding one. And this is not the fault of any politician. The unemployment that occurred because of your dishonesty and risk taking, well not risk taking because even if you are fired for you screwups, you get a golden parachute, is not the fault of the Republicans, Democrats, Tea Partiers or 99%ers. No jerk that is all on you!

    • jum says:

      no chris, you are incorrect. it was the dems and republicans. in 1999 glass-steagall act was repealed, thus givivg banksters unfettered power. they took it. you can not get angry at the banksters anymore then you can get angry at a shark that bites your leg off. it is what they do. we all know what sharks and banksters do. to give them unfettered power was foolish. we can’t do anything about the sharks, but we can bring back glass-steagall.

  60. jeff says:

    Man I didn’t realize that teaching and landscaping were cushy jobs compared to sitting on your ass watching and crunching numbers. Guess it would be kinda nice to have a trading spaces kinda thing right? Just a sign that they are getting desparate most of these people can barely make a coffee machine work so goodn luck to them figuring out how to do stuff on their own.

  61. LOUP says:

    You ignorant liberals are all out of your mind. I agree 100% with this letter. You aholes won’t be happy until this country is torn apart and we become commies. You’ll regret it then, but it will be too late. Once you give up your freedoms, good luck getting them back.

  62. Daniel says:

    Pssh… whoever wrote this letter is not a member of the 1% club. It’s obvious from the wording it came from a working stiff. Granted, a working stiff who works on Wall Street running the markets but to the true %1 guys like that are just like fry cooks at McDonalds; a usable commodity that can be replaced. Oh, sure, the author of this note probably drives a Mercedes and has an upscale condo but make no mistake – the note’s author is just another working guy who has deluded himself into thinking he is one of the 1% because he handles their accounts.

    The true 1% don’t get up at 0400 to beat traffic and run downtown to work in a cubicle until 2200. The true 1% get up when they are ready, spend their day doing what they want to do and if they sweat at all it’s over a rousing game of tennis or golf.

    The true %1 aren’t the least bit worried about losing their jobs because they don’t HAVE jobs. At least, not a job like you and I think of as jobs. Their job is to manage their wealth (that is, hire people to manage it for them, making them employers) and make sure things continue to tilt in their favor (meaning hire lobbyists to bribe politicians to pass laws that make their wealth more secure).

    Look at Bill Gates and Warren Buffet – do you seriously think either of them are the least bit worried about having to quit their “day jobs” to go cut grass or teach 3rd grade?

  63. Dev says:

    I believe anyone who complains about wallstreet doesn’t know a darn thing about it! Look up what wallstreet is all about! Stop balking just because they make money! You can do it too, after all this is America! The land of plenty to all you spoiled brats who have nothing to do but be green with envy! If you don’t like the way America is run, go to another country! Quit wasting time trying to change this great country so many of us love and appreciate.

  64. Bill says:

    I love the line about washing our own cars and landscaping our yards…..Uh no, most of you aren’t qualified, as ablue collar service worker (HVAC) my job is secure in that fact as that more and more people go to university and forgo the blue collar tardes there will always be a place for me and those like me….Trust me when I say we love it when you think you can do things like plumbing, catrpentry and what not on your own, it inevitably makes us more money when we have to fix your mistakes…

    By the author of the notes own logic he admits they don’t know how to do anything but what they do…They’re there too many hours to be familliar with anything else…And as far as the angle that some posters are taking that what he is talking about is work ethic, yeah I see that but going from a high menatl pressure job where you are pumped on adrenaline all day to the boring mindless repitition of landscaping in the hot sun, one can find their hyper competitiveness ill suited and useless in another mans work boots…. But don’t let a little thing like reality get in the way of your arrogance Mr. Bitterman….

  65. Jan says:

    There are many interesting comments and remarks, thanks for the good reading! And thanks for the leaflet – it’s quite revealing and an impressive manifesto of insanity.

    What keeps bothering me: it seems to me that the spirit of our times requires everyone to show off how much/hard he works (70 hours, 7 days a week, etc). This is actually a big part of this problem! With all of our inventions, machines, energy, robotics and whatnot we should easily be able to work “normal” hours, maybe 8 hours a day or whatever, and still live comfortably. I mean, it is possible in Germany, isn’t it? Most people over there work 40-45 hours a week, have 30 days paid vacation per year, cheaper housing, and lots of support and protection in case of unemployment or health issues. USA could do that as well.

    What’s striking in the leaflet (and some comments) is the pride that people exhibit. They seem to be proud of being exploited and working insane hours and being deprived a regular familiy life. Mind you, I’m not talking about those who are forced to work that much in order to survive – I’m just talking about guys who go like, “we’re better than you cause we work 4am to 10pm”. Such working conditions do not mean you’re cool – it means you’re being exploited. Maybe your bosses should just hire someone to help you, but don’t give a s*** about your health? Don’t take pride in being victim to slavery…

    Oh, @Dev (October 30, 2011 at 11:22 pm): you are deluded. The American Dream is only on TV. Welcome to the real world. With all likelyhood, you’re NEVER going to be rich.

  66. Mark says:

    HaHa, I would love to see one of these clowns actually do an honest days work for once in their lives. They are planning on taking our jobs after we knock them out of their ivory towers, thats funny. Didnt anyone bother to tell them that they would need skills other than being able to leach off the rest of us,lol.

  67. Sarah says:

    Couldn’t agree more. My father was born into a less than fortunate family and took out loans to pay his way through a college education living on probably less than Ramen noodles. I remember him celebrating not less than five years ago the day he finally paid off his loans from college. He worked hard, probably harder than I know, and still does to this day. He has held a CEO position of a large company to ensure that my sisters and brothers won’t have to go through what he did and I am so grateful for that. However, if it ever came down to it, my father has taught me what it means to have a strong work ethic and I have no doubt anyone in my family could hold their own.

  68. John says:

    some of the OWS-ers will figure it out – their liberal arts education shows they have 1/2 a brain, now if they just go back to tech school, learn a trade, get on with life, they’ll succeed, the ones that never figure it out? life in a shelter maybe isn’t the worst thing in the world, at least its not Siberia?

  69. David says:

    Let them claim what ever superiority they like, but I would not be afraid of any inept sod so obviously incompetent — even formatting this little rant in a decent way seems to be beyond them.

    I do hope the respective curriculum will look better than this rubbish…

    God I’m glad to have made it to “old” Europe. Next time they fail, the whole farking business will just get nationalised (the electorate still has a modicum of power here) and then we’ll be rid of the parasites for half a century at least.

  70. Bolzek says:

    Oh lolly LOL … only thing left to say is that after all these years, it still amazes me just how many of my fellow primates still fall for this type of wanna-be trollage :D

  71. Wall Street Guy says:

    We are smart and hard working. We argued through our Ayn Rand loving guru Alan Greenspan that we were so smart (and hard working) that we could manage our own risks. And our agents Bob Rubin and Phil Gramm executed it well, they got rid of those antiquated regulations put in place by that class traitor, Franklin Roosevelt. And Alan further kept the interest rates at zero so we could borrow money for free, and lend it out a much higher interests thus making free money. And of course the fact that we were making a boatload of money was a testament of our smartness, .. and hard work of course, can’t forget that one.

    And then it all came crashing down. Turns out we hadn’t managed our risks (market or counter-party) well, be it Bear and Sterns or Goldman Sachs. A free market would have ditched us and created a good bank to lure away all the customers. But this is where our true genius kicked in. By getting rid of the regulations we had tied the entire system up, thus essentially holding it hostage. The government had no choice but to bail us out, and our man Hank started calling for the creation of a, … wait for it, … a BAD bank instead of a good bank!! Viva Capitalism!!

    But that was when it all started unraveling. Facing the possibility of systemic collapse, the Party of No, the House Republicans said “No”. We couldn’t believe it for a bit and the Dow collapsed 700 points when they voted the TARP bill down. What to do? We started lobbying the Democrats! These socialists and Marxists were loath to bail us out, but we stoked their patriotism, they held their noses and finally voted to support the bill the second time around, pussies! But whew! That was a close shave.

    So occupiers, I dare you to take us down. We are coming after your jobs. How can any high school turn down the resume of an ex-CDO trader? Who better to teach your kids about capitalism and ethics?

  72. @24 says:

    Hey 24, guess what?! You ARE, I repeat ARE, paying for those hand outs to the undeserving (and deserving, arguably we would disagree on whom each party is, the rich or the poor). Not only is the government taking what you make, but they are paying for handouts to the poor (whom I would say are deserving or at least in need) and the filthy rich. You think if you work hard you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Phat luck. You are to foolish and naive to think you understand the power inlaid in big business and politics.

    So where did all that hard work that went into getting into college go? Frustrating? You are about to learn some lessons son; if you feel the need to gloat to a online community about your circumstance and misfortunes at your age, then wait until your 50 and shit really doesn’t go your way – what then? Some ignorant prick is going to tell you to work harder, but unlike your sorry ass he will be far more educated and likley smarter.

    If you would like to know more about how people get to the top I would recommend Malcom Gladwell’s “Outliers.” He discusses what all these people have in common, and yes a hard work ethic play a vital roll but it is no means the only thing at play. Being at the right place at the right time and random chance both are what make people make it to the big leagues.

  73. Barbara says:

    You know, even if you think you can bring down Wall Street, the only person you will hurt there is there “little” guy. The big money you Want to reach is truly unreachable. Most of that group the have the billions are not even on Wall Street. People are really easily led.

  74. Teacher says:

    It is now 9:30 p.m. I still have three hours of work that I must complete tonight, to educate the young people whose lives I am investing in. I left a successful financial career because I want my life to count toward a long-term meaningful contribution to humanity. I wanted to help fill in the gaps. To help us–our society–become more, to ensure that we can contribute and compete with all other societies on earth. Really, Mr. Waldman, do you think that your work is so much more valuable than mine? So much more critical to the well-being and financial stability to our society than is mine? I think your view of your importance is greatly overstated. The difference between our work can be described by the factors we use to measure our success. You measure dollars. I measure lives that are changed, humans who are directed or redirected through knowledge and the resultant wisdom. I measure my contribution to the economy by multiplying the numbers of skilled workers and thoughtful members of society who in turn multiply their efforts to do the same. I empower people and you use people. And, frankly, I would be happy to test my work ethic against your work ethic any day!

  75. Susan says:

    It’s not Wall Street, Capitalism or the Banking system that is wrong in premise- Capitalism works better than any other system, and we DO need people who know how to handle money to keep our economy running. What Occupy Wall Street is REALLY about is the greed and graft in our electoral system that allowed all the greedy bastards who willingly made bad loans and resold them to unknowing investors…to get off scot-free. They devastated our economy, and left lots of honest, hard working people with nothing. To add insult to injury, people feel that these same wealthy people are paying still MORE into Congress’ pockets to see that their profit margins are not injured by reducing healthcare/insurance profits by making them more affordable and available to the thousands of now unemployed citizens. Oh, and these guys think they could spend even a DAY with hormonal middle schoolers, or 30 5 year-olds? Please. Keep handling the money, boys, and start policing your own, instead of glorifying greed, and don’t jeer at the people who make the rest of your world (schools, deliveries, food, clean water, medical care, and oh, next time your computer breaks down or you need an appointment, just go ahead and insult the “lowly” IT guy or secretary, I dare you.).

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