Published On: Thu, Oct 27th, 2011

Top 10 Companies Where Employees Love The Food

For many employees, lunch at work is typically about chowing down on last night’s leftovers or heading out to a nearby deli to grab an overpriced sandwich. For some, however, breakfast, lunch and dinner are just a few steps away from their cubicles, and come courtesy of their employers – even during this struggling economy.

So what are the companies where employees rave about food at work the most? Our Glassdoor data team sifted through more than 375,000 company reviews to find out. In our latest report, we shine a light on the top 10 companies where employees love the food.  Plus, the report highlights what employee morale is like at each of the companies.

While there doesn’t appear to be a consistent relationship between employee morale and on-site food, it’s interesting to note the highest rated companies on this list in terms of employee morale include: Facebook (4.4), DreamWorks Animation (4.2) and Google (4.2). The average employee morale rating on Glassdoor is 3.1 – both Marvell Technology and Zynga come in just under the average, receiving a 2.6 and 2.8 respectively.

To get a better perspective on what employees like so much about the food, here’s what several employees had to say:

“It has free foods! It is a big company with nice benefits. Comfortable working environment. A lot of groups and doing a great variety of business.” – Bloomberg LP Employee (New York, NY)

“Free food! Beautiful place to come to work every day. People are generally happy and friendly (when not in fear of being laid off after a bad movie release).” DreamWorks Animation Research and Development Manager (Glendale, CA)

“Amazing food. We get breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner served up by the best chefs around. Menus change daily and my favorite to date has been the Willy Wonka themed lunch menu. Sushi day is legit too.” – Facebook Employee (Palo Alto, CA)

“The free lunches (Mon-Thurs), open stocked kitchen is quite an incentive and the ability to charge meals is a good way to keep up morale and improve productivity at a relatively low cost.” – FactSet Systems Engineer (Chicago, IL)

“Google has great benefits like free food. I’ve forgotten how to make my own lunch.” – Google Software Engineer (location n/a)

“Incredible benefits (unlimited food and magic whiteboard – you write what you want and it appears).” – LinkedIn Marketing Employee (Mountain View, CA)

“The company spends an excessive amount of money to provide their employees with food, snacks, freebies, weekly happy hours, and team outings.” – Zynga Employee (San Francisco, CA)

“The cafeteria serves great quality food that rivals food at Google.” – Marvell Technology Employee (Santa Clara, CA)

“As many are aware, they provide free lunch with many different healthy choices. In addition, self-serve breakfast items are available each day (cold & hot cereal, hard-boiled eggs, bagels and breads, yogurt, coffee, tea, etc).” – Susquehanna International Group Employee (Bala Cynwyd, PA)

“The catered lunches are a nice perk – they remove one thing to worry about.” – TripAdvisor Software Engineer (Newton, MA)

¹Report based on companies with at least 500 employees, 20 approved company reviews and approximately 20 reviews mentioning the on-site food. The report does not include restaurants, grocery stores, other companies in the food service industry, or weight and health management companies.

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  1. Sad Employee says:

    Not gonna lie. I’m experiencing some serious jealous rage right now. Sushi day?!?! My sorry ass company just cut mints out of the budget! We’re all praying that the barely drinkable coffee isn’t next to go.

  2. Sarah says:

    OMG, we don’t even get coffee at my workplace…sooo jealous!!

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