Published On: Thu, Oct 27th, 2011

Considering a Sales Job at Groupon? Employee Commentary You May Want to Read

In light of the fact that Groupon’s CEO Andrew Mason announced that the company will be firing 10 percent of its worst sales staff, with plans to replace them with new employees, you may be debating the pros and cons of applying to a sales position at Groupon.

You’re probably one of many job seekers who are preparing their resume as we speak in an attempt to apply to one of the 480 open positions.

Here are a few highlights of the company, along with recent commentary from Groupon employees, as prepared by the Glassdoor team.


  • Groupon has an overall company rating of 3.1 (based on a 5.0 scale; 5.0 = very satisfied, 1.0 = very dissatisfied).
  • Groupon CEO Andrew Mason has an overall approval rating of 93% among employees.
  • Employees at Groupon are more satisfied at work than employees at Living Social – a company often compared to Groupon – which garners a 3.0 overall rank.
  • Groupon’s CEO Andrew Mason ranks higher among employees than Living Social’s CEO Tim O’Shaughnessy who received a 77% approval rating among employees.

*The average company rating for all companies on Glassdoor is 3.1.

*The average CEO rating for all companies on Glassdoor is 62%.

Recent commentary from Groupon employees on working at Groupon


“Busy workplace with exciting things going on around the company. I have met a lot of skilled people and there is a lot of smart thinking that goes with sales and marketing.” – Groupon Employee (Chicago, IL)

“Sales folk can make a LOT of money with hard work. Even if you start out on a tiny market, talented people move up quickly.” – Groupon Account Executive (Chicago, IL)

“Easy thing we are selling, not your typical sales job. No vacation policy. Calls are easy to make.” – Groupon Account Executive (Chicago, IL)

“Of all the players in the “coupon” industry, Groupon is the most technologically advanced and carries the best reputation worldwide.” – Groupon Account Executive (location n/a)


“The revenue goals are completely unrealistic for outside sales people who are trying to build a territory and making 0-1% commission when working up to 7 days a week is unacceptable. I have a proven track record of being a top advertising sales person at my last companies and took a salary decrease to work for Groupon because of how strong I believe in the product.”  – Groupon Employee (location n/a)

“Groupon clearly puts their positive sales spin on it to make them think its good but it doesn’t sit well in my stomach. I ( we) reps have no control anymore on working with the business’s to find the best offer. We have to do what our managers want to do and structure it to make groupon more money.” – Groupon Sales Employee (location n/a)

“Ridiculous & unobtainable goals. Terrible communication. Greed, greed, greed…all about the bottom line for Groupon.” – Groupon Sales Account Executive (location n/a)

“Work environment is terrible — People are densely packed into benched style seating, which creates for an ultra loud environment (esp in sales).” – Groupon Employee (location n/a)

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