Published On: Tue, Oct 11th, 2011

Présumé – The Revolutionary and Powerful New Approach to Resumes

Gone are the days of the typical resume. SlideRocket, the powerful presentation platform that reinvents presentations by bringing big ideas to life, engaging audiences and driving business, has recently announced Présumé – the presentation resume.

This comes at a time where innovative approaches to job seeking are of the utmost importance. A recent survey showed that 94% of Millenials turn to online job sites while 56% of them believe that online resumes and digital profiles are more effective than the traditional resume. Cloud-based technology and social collaboration tools are being leveraged more than ever to get noticed and hired.

Hanna Phan, a Millennial who utilized the non-traditional method, gave rise to the technology behind Présumé a few months ago.

In my interview with Phan, it became evident that her description of Présumé could easily be equated to a job-related love story. She put it quite simply in saying, “If I really wanted a guy this is how I would go about it.”

A few months ago, I started my job search and went down the usual route:

  • I set up my profile in as many job sites as possible
  • I scoured craigslist and LinkedIn
  • I tailored my resume, spell checked it twice, and emailed away
  • I interviewed with recruiting agencies to get to the top of the resume pile

The result? I received a number of phone calls and interviews, but not a single call back. It was discouraging. I felt vulnerable and defeated but another part of me didn’t want just another job. Each time I thought of punching in and out, busying myself with status meetings, ending my day just to start all over again – well, it just made me tired.

The bottom line – I didn’t want to be another rat in the wheel. And if that was the case, well then, I realized I needed to go about my job search with a completely different approach.

Inspired by a podcast and Seth Godin’s blog post the first thing I did was to trash my resume. The problem with a resume is that it doesn’t scream, “This is ME! I’m creative, energetic, full of life” etc. and there’s no visual way to express what you want to say to someone through a piece of paper. Gone was the resume. So, off I went to explore other ways to tell my story – the story of why I wanted to work for a certain company – that certain someone.

Then, the light bulb went off – I needed to approach this job search in the same way I would court someone. With a love letter. A visual one. I needed to convince them that I was worth the wait. That I could make it through a pile of applicants.

So now that I had nailed down my approach – the search began to find the right company….

I didn’t look long before I found my dream job with SlideRocket. SlideRocket completed me. They offered an outlet to showcase my creative communication skills, express my passion, and ultimately put their presentation program to the test. I decided I would use SlideRocket’s technology in combination with a viral campaign, to get myself noticed – by the CEO no less!

So I created my most engaging Présumé (a presentation resume) ever, using SlideRocket’s technology and tweeted (on my birthday) to the CEO:

“@chuckdietrich @sliderocket I want to work with you! Find my application here:”

An hour later, after Chuck literally walked off a plane, he replied:

“@hannaphan @sliderocket AMAZING Preso! Let’s talk.”

No sooner had Chuck tweeted me back, and I was on the phone with the CMO. They even featured my presume on the SlideRocket gallery and newsletter, and now I discovered I have a “Phan Club” at VMWare

“I landed my dream job without a resume, but instead, with a Présumé.”

Phan, who has been with SlideRocket for about a month now, is also currently working to create variations of Présumé template with the SlideRocket design team.

SlideRocket,  a platform fueling the new way to work and a tool for engaging audiences on the go, is constantly evolving—both technically as well as in its application. The company just released an iPad app that allows users to download and share their presentations, showcased on YouTube.

Job seekers can utilize online tools, such as SlideRocket’s Présumé, to rise above the crowded job market. After emailing out a presentation, users are also able to track analytics and see how many people opened their presentations in addition to the time in which the recipients spent reading it. Additionally, job seekers can track comments made, which remain private to the job seekers.

SlideRocket is perfect for people who work with presentations on a regular basis in industries across the board. Such individuals are able to showcase their skills as they are able to give more insight into their personalities with details such as the colors, text and font styles they choose to use. Présumé provides an engaging and powerful way for job seekers to start a conversation.

Reach Hanna on Twitter @hannaphan or at She would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or share insight about Présumé.






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    Interesting, first time I hear about it!

  2. JobSeeker says:

    Certainly interesting, but an infographic approach is much more powerful. I prefer for this reason.

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