Published On: Fri, Oct 7th, 2011

Survey Finds New Technology, Furniture High on Employees’ Wish Lists

Is there anything you would improve in your office?

October 4 was “Improve Your Office Day.” conducted a survey last month in anticipation of “Improve Your Office Day.” The survey gave office workers the chance to express the top improvement they’d like to see at their jobs.

Surprisingly, the one thing that didn’t seem to need improvement was the ‘boss’. Nearly half (47 percent) of respondents gave their boss a solid “A” grade; a combined 78 percent rated their boss an “A” or “B.”

Topping the list of items the workforce identify as contenders for improvement included office furniture (52 percent) and office décor (51 percent) – each receiving a “C” grade or lower. Technology fell in at 41 percent of those who participated.

Some 44 percent wanted office politics abolished and 41 percent would like to see their companies allow telecommuting.  Only 34 percent would like to see private work areas introduced and favored flexible work hours.

The study found that 57 percent of officers have to buy their own snacks and beverages at work. Consequently, one in two respondents reported leaving the office on coffee or snack runs at least once a day, with some making up to five trips per day.

Staples came up with the following suggestions that both employees and employers might appreciate.

  • Stock the kitchen or break room with coffee and snacks that will energize the staff and keep them running all day.
  • Take inventory of your technology, and replace outdated equipment that may be impeding productivity.
  • Consider office decor and furniture upgrades that don’t require a complete overhaul. Replacing worn desk chairs and/or redecorating conference rooms can be easy, low-cost ways to make the office more attractive and comfortable.
  • Equip employees with technology such as tablet and notebook computers that makes it easy for them to telecommute.
  •  When expanding or redesigning the office, take employee privacy concerns into consideration. Newer office furniture systems offer ways to preserve privacy while maintaining an open, collaborative environment.


SOURCE: Staples, Inc.

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